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500 Gregory Street

Weatherford, TX 76087

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Hand-Built Custom Architectural Wood Carvings

Heritage Wood Carving in Weatherford, Texas, makes custom cabinets and intricately carved wooden entry doors using the finest hardwoods available.

Carving Styles

• Gothic
• Renaissance
• Rocco
• Art Deco
• French
• English

Main Services

• Staircases
• Mantels
• Carousel Horses
• Interior Doors
• Moldings
• Applique
• French Paneling
• English Paneling
• Furniture
• Arched Entries with Decorative Glass and Iron
• Linenfold Panels
• Hearldry
• Corbels
• Finials
• Capitals
• Columns

Custom Wood Carving

Hearken back to a time when everything wasn’t mass-produced, when time spent represented quality, and when getting the job done right was more important than just getting the job done. That mindset is the essence of hand carving. Our hand-carved doors and crown moldings highlight our artisans’ excellent craftsmanship and versatility to carve anything out of wood to create their masterpieces. Each of our creations goes through a rigorous process of selecting, carving, handling, and kiln-drying.